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new one!

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So I traded in my 2014 Cruze and got my 3rd Cruze a 2017. I really like the updates to it. Somethings I don't like, mainly due to being use to the older style on my prior two cars.

Things that I do like:

Larger Touch Screen
Better steering wheel buttons for cruise and radio
Push button start
key-less pretty much (even though twice i've forgotten to turn the car off, just for a short time though lol)
body style..does anyone else think it looks like a smaller impala?

Things I don't like:

no fog lamps on this one lol
text messages don't show up like they did before on the screen
start/stop technology (this is gonna be an issue i can see it coming)
i like how the old digital speedometer would show fuel economy with the speed, it doesn't' anymore

I think that's it for now, if i think of anything else i'll post.


Keith in Iowa
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I did and the texts still don't show up......

It does look like a smaller Malibu/Impala. That is intentional - and I am a fan of the design language and overall improvement in the whole car.

Try this for the texts.

Start/stop can be disabled by shifting into "L" mode and up to 6th gear. But you'll get used to it.

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