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New Owner 2018 Cruze TD 6-Speed Hatch

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Hello, I am the new owner of a 2018 Cruze turbo diesel. Its been a bumpy 500 miles but so far so good. You can read about my experience on the 2nd Gen diesel section (not enough posts to provide link)

From Pennsylvania and currently live in Michigan so I decided to go with the diesel as I will be doing tons of driving. To me the 2nd gen hatch is one of very few GM economy cars that I think are visually appealing. In fact I think it is one of the best if not the best looking economy car on the market now. This is the first time I have owned a new car so Ive been a little cynical due to the car payment.

My previous daily (which I still own) is a 95 Civic Coupe currently with a single cam 8-valve engine. It used to have a GSR Integra engine until it burnt a valve. Still love the car, big plans to build it for autox and road racing. I also have 92 Nissan 240sx which is soon to be the drift b***h after a few minor things needed buttoned up featuring a welded diff and a stock KA24DE, and an 85 Vette awaiting a water pump and coilover conversion.

I said I will try to own a C6 Z06 by the time Im 25 so that gives me a decent amount of time to enjoy the cruze. Maybe ill keep it and roll some coal who knows. If you have any questions about the diesel Cruze or any other cars I have that you might also own don't hesitate.

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Welcome. Here’s the link. Thanks, great info!

Also thanks to @blackbird for similar thread on the melted DEF line.

Happy Cruzin’
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
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