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New rear brakes... first panic stop

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Just got new rear brakes put in last weekend (disks and pads). They came in handy today when the highway went from 80mph to a dead stop twice this am.
The brakes in the vue are crappy I'd have been like some of the people behind me using the shoulder or grass to get the extra breaking distance needed without hitting anything. I'm positive the guy 3 cars back who went in the ditch dropped his phone when it happened the first time.
(I was watching the rear view mirror just in case I had to get out of someones way...) :growup:
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Car has 120,000 miles but only 20,000 of that is me (in 6 months).

Front disks look original and look clean but pads are 3/8". End of summer I'll put new pads on the front.

Rear brakes ground in a ring on the disk so I had to replace both.
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