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Hello everybody...

My name is Khaled, and I'm from Libya.

Well, I do have a car, but it's not a Chevy Cruze! Yes! Believe me, it's NOT a Cruze, in fact, it's a Daewoo Lacetti 2009 which looks exactly like a Chevy Cruze :redface:.

Yeah I know. A Daewoo is a Daewoo, and a Chevy Cruze is a Chevy Cruze, but they're both the same with a few differences, and the parts of my car are GM.

Hope that we could help each other.

Thank you all.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Hello Khaled, welcome to the site! Nice to have you here. This site is a tremendous resource due to the members, hope you stick around and find it useful.
Welcome to the forums, You would be surprised what parts our Chevy Cruze has marked Daewoo.
Welcome to the forum! :welcome:
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