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New to cruzetalk, from PA

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Hey everyone, Randy here. This past year I traded in my 02 montecarlo SS for my 2011 cruze eco, best choice I've ever made. This car has done me so well! And yes I'm the type to change appearance first than engine modifications!!
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Welcome! I came from a W-Body myself! Still miss my '03 GTP but I had a '05 Cobalt in between and I don't really miss that car at all! Lol! Do you have any immediate mode plans for the Cruze?
Ah a couple guys at my work actually had cobalts, one was an 08 ss with a chip on it and it hauled compared to my Monte.. but I love me a gtp! I tried posting pics earlier but it wouldn't let me, I'll try now. And yes, I typically start on appearance .... One of those guys I know!


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Looking good so far! I like that color!
Welcome I came from other mid sized GMs like the Malibu and the Alero. Alero I liked the most bc the 2.2 4cyl and available 5 spd. besides nice sized car. Had the Monte and Grand Prix back in the 90s,Mine were the under powered v6s tho.
Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your new Cruze!
Welcome on board! Congrats on your purchase, beautiful ride. There are lots of great choices for parts, service and many owners willing to help you. You'll find some interesting info on this forum. If you haven't found what you're looking for, feel free to post a question. If you have knowledge that someone else is looking for, feel free to share!
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