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New to CT, Need all the advice I can get! First car so wanna make her last.

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So I just bought the car in March brand new 8 miles on her. Now shes 3 months old now with 4.2K miles on her, yeah I drive a lot with school and work. Its a 2016 Cruze Limited LS with the 1.8. Blue Ray Metallic. I don't regret buying her even though she lacks the more fun 1.4 turbo. But I'm pleased and want to do what I can to maintain and even mod the thing. I've read that the 1.4 is worth it economically but I financed the car so I don't know if a trade in is possible anymore especially since it'll cost more. Basically I want to know whats the best way to keep her maintained. I live in the Southwest Chicago Suburbs so I get all the weather possible. I want to personalize her so im thinking 3M car vinyl wrap to cover the bowtie in a nice grey.(like the black/grey cloth interior) Ive been scowering ebay for the 18" chevy rims that come on the LTZ 2016 models for the exterior changes. I dont know if the KN CAI will fit since the site stops at 2014 for the 1.8. and thinking the borla S type catback. As well s the trifecta tune for possible mods over time. I'de appreciate some help or tips.


New Cruze Owner :grin:
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They do make K&N intakes for your moddle, just go to K&N website, and about a trifecta tune. I want to put one on my car but it voids your warranty.
I do go to the site but for the 2016 1.8 Engine it stops at 2014 so I dont really know if theres a difference. the 2016 is a 2015 but renamed to Cruze Limited so i think its the same. All that shows up for 2016 Chevy Cruze 1.8 is their oil filter
First car so wanna make her last.

1) Buy and install the OEM splash guards.

2) Have paint protection film applied to as much of the car as you can.

3) Buy OEM steel wheels and have dedicated snow tires mounted to them. Nokian the best. Michelin best value proposition.

4) Use only Top Tier Gasoline.

5) Scrupulously follow the service schedule.

6) Use a synthetic oil meeting the dexos1 standard. Amsoil the best. Mobil 1 best value proposition.

7) Use only quality filters. AC Delco best value proposition. K&N not recommended.

8) Optional: Buy GMEPP to protect yourself from future repair bills.
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Welcome to the Cruze family I wrapped my emblems and some interior pieces in carbon fiber wrap it matches my cloth interior well I have some pics in my album. I also installed LED lights in my interior and reverse lights. just last night i installed splash guards to help save the paint and keep it cleaner.

keep us updated with pics!
Thanks! Yeah I just bought OEM splash guards. I like the look of them. Not a fan of the rocks kicking up and hitting my car before that. What brand filter do you recommend?
Do you know where i would get the film? also i use shell 89 octane for gas. does the octane lvl matter? i picked it because its not a high comp engine so no 91-93 but also i feel 87 doesnt seem right on a 2016
5) Scrupulously follow the service schedule.
^^^^^^ This
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Welcome to CruzeTalk and congrats on your Cruze. Follow the severe service schedule in your owners manual.
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After screwing around with these new 12 amp vacuum cleaners that are far superior as space heaters and burn up real quick, been looking at used Electrolux vacuums that have twice the suction power, Made in the USA, and only draw 5 amps. Easy to rebuild.

Not the only space heater I have, those things out in the garage, even worse about 85% of the fuel I put into these things heats everything up, just a small fraction of my fuel dollar takes me some place. Point is, you have to keep your radiator and condenser clean and far more effective than collecting debris and insects than keeping the engine cool.

Turbo does help a little to recover some of that wasted heat energy, but not very much, around 2-3%, good thing our electrical power generation is a lot more efficient, couldn't afford to pay your electrical bill.

AC has created more problems offering more air flow restriction, normal high side pressures are in the 215 PSI range, with a plugged condenser, can shoot up to 400 PSI, puts a huge load on the compressor, that is also transmitted to the alternator, water pump, and tensioners with these crazy single drive belt systems. If that belt breaks, all that plastic and aluminum, like the head can crack, wasn't much a major problem when brass and cast iron was used, sure a problem today.

So worry a lot more about keeping that radiator and condenser clean more than anything else. Also frequently check your recovery tank to make sure its full of coolant.

How can anyone sell a vehicle with tires sticking out to spray road gravel on the tin, front fender, doors, rear bumper are all exposed. Found much better ones at my Fleet Farm store for ten bucks a pair, fit the Cruze, OE's are a way overpriced bad joke, as are K&N air filters.
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Welcome to the forum and enjoy your Cruze!

I was in the same situation when I picked up my Cruze (as far as "new owner tips"), but I quickly found answers to most, if not all, my questions. The people on here are great!
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