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It was an "entertaining" day at the dealership, as there as a small, 2" scratch on the passenger side headlight. After the dealership manager talked for about 5 minutes, giving me a lot of excuses on how "that's just how it is", and "nothing can be done", and if we order one it will take 6 weeks, and ..and ...and ..and. I let him talk, I wasn't going to be rude and interrupt him, that would not be nice. So I let him talk.

Before I go on about that, let me describe me a little bit. I'm a powerlifter when not working, my best lifts in contest are 455 lb benchpress, 600 lbs deadlift and 550 lbs squat. I'm not a little fella, but I am nice.

As he continues to talk, more frustrated I become at his "sorry for you attitude". Then it is my turn to speak. And it goes like this "...I really don't want to hear any more **** about what you cannot do, I want to know how soon you are going to fix it". Then the conversation just gets more fun. He just wanted us to live with it and that was not going to happen. Long story short, he takes a headlight off another Cruze and puts it on ours. All while they let me drive a 2016 Camaro 2SS. Apparently you have to remove the whole bumper to get the headlight off, sucked for them, but I did not care.

Pics of the car, and me....hehehe
Nice! Kind of a bummer you had to argue with the dealer about a brand new purchase. I had a similar experience trying to get my dealer to detail my car which sat on the lot for over a year. There were tons of leaves and cobwebs in the engine bay right next to the turbo and cat. Should have been easy to take care of. However, after I waited for 4 hours for them to detail it, I drove away angry. They didn't listen to anything I said, and only heard "detail it" which to them meant douse the interior and plastic engine cover in armor all. (I hate armor all) I ended up pulling all the debris out myself right in front of the manager then took it home to clean it properly. Dealerships are dumb.

Anyway, once the car was in my care, I've loved it ever since. I've only had to change out the crappy manual trans fluid. I'm not a huge fan of this particular manual trans (it's wants to be driven a certain way) but, I love the rest of the car. I've heard the gen 2 is even better. Enjoy! Also wow that's a lot of weight to lift. My entire motorcycle weighs 380 lbs.
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