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New to forum! I have a sad sounding 2012 LTZ and an Angry ford loving husband....

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Hello All!

I am the very poud owner of a 2012 Cuze LTZ RS! Bought used ( I fell in love with this car and all the upgrades) At 79k now at 98k and having issues
with it now, which brought me to the forum. Hoping to learn more about this little car along the way!

Husband thinks its a lemon, i'm not convinced. How GM handles these issues will be my deciding factor =)
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Well I posted in the relating thread to the issue I am having with also reading the stickies it suggested introducing myself here first...

I am having a coolant issue, I thinks its related to the water pump. The dealer that we bought from told us there was a recall only to than inform us the coolant recall was only to fill the reservoir. Than after making another appointment with a different dealer they told us there is a water pump recall that could be the cause of this problem.

The second issue is chugging at an idle and coming to a stop, reading that thread it seems to be a common issue with replacing the valve cover as a possible resolution.

Like I said I love the car, how gm handles the repairs will be my deciding factor.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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