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New to forum need help!

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Hello hope all is well. I traded in my automatic 14 Cruze lt auto for a 12cruze manual. Both 1.4 turbo how ever my manual 2012 Cruze has a louder cabin mostly there is a lot of engine noise in the front. Is there a difference that makes the cars sound different from each other? It's not modified in anyway. My 2012 is very loud vs the 14. I even went to the dealer today to drive both back to back to confirm this.
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How much more did you need to pay for the 2012?
First off, welcome to the forum! Just out of curiosity, what are your tire pressures?
Welcome to the forum. As far as I know, they should have the same amount of cabin noise. How many miles are on it, and do you have any check engine lights?

Could you describe the loudness in a little more in detail? Does it sound like there might be an exhaust leak somewhere? Or does it sound like something is wrong with the engine? Any noticeable decrease in power or fuel economy?
Hello it's more like drone. The engine and exhaust are stock. And I drive both cars back to back my 2012 has a louder engine bay. Meaning I can hear the engine more especially above 4000 rpm and it's not turbo spool.
I have made suggestion on your first post.

Please avoid double posting......confounds and confuses.

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Thank oy but it's been my experience that different people with different experience have different advice. It's good to hear all of it.
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