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New to group- 2013 Holden Cruze Equipe (base model)

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Hi guys, im new here just purchased a 2013 Cruze and loving it, 83k on the clock (km) just one thing the average speed and average fuel economy on the DIC don't change although i would of thought they would does anyone have an idea on that?
Thanks :)
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Welcome. Have you tried resetting them? pressing and holding the button on the end of the turn signal Depending on how much mileage/time on the current setting is. it will take some time to change as they are averages of the current time lapse.

BTW where are you from to have a Holden Cruze?
Welcome to CruzeTalk. We have several members from "down under".
Welcome to the forum!

No i havent but i will try that in the morning thank you
Im from Australia :)
What do you mean why current time lapse sorry?
If the averages have been built-up over the life of the vehicle, they won't change in less than months.

As Patman said, do the reset and let them start again, I reset mine every time I fill the tank.

And welcome to another Aussie.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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