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New to me 2014 Cruze 2014 Manual trans question

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This has been re-posted from the Gen1/manual transmission thread. Didn't get any responses so I thought I would try here.

Hello, new owner of a new-to-me 2014 Cruze LT, 1.4l turbo, 6 speed manual with 21,000 miles. I've been reading a few threads about changing out the manual transmission oil with Amsoil synchromesh and decided to do it because I'm a maintenance stickler I guess. Read where they originally filled them with 1.6 quarts IIRC and that has been upped to 2.32. Standard practice is 2.5 quart so I bought 3 quarts of Amsoil and set out to do it.

Wanted to see how much was factory filled so I caught the used oil in a fresh container. Measured it and I dumped out 3.25 quarts! I even spilled a little bit so it could be pressing 3.5. Is this the new norm for the factory fill?

I went ahead and dumped all three quarts in and plan on adding another half quart. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen or am I a one off?

I doubt that the trans oil has been changed as I bought the car off of a lease trade-in and the drain plug had it's factory thread sealant on it. Oil didn't seem foamy or anything but not sure if an overfill would cause that in a manual. Anyways, what do you guys think? Loving the car so far. Want it to last.
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Welcome Not sure about the results of over filling a tranny. I could see a problem with an engine but a tranny I doubt there will be any ramifications. I am sure someone else will chime in.

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Drunk took care of our Cruze at 45K miles, with the 2004 Cavalier with a 5 speed manual, never touched the fluid in the transmission, even at 160K miles on it. Still a great runner, but road salt got to the body, kind of sagged in the center, not easy to close the doors.

But one thing I had to do with both the Cavalier and the Cruze was to spray the linkage with Liquid wrench lubricant about every three months or shifting became a major job. But with the Cruze, was looking at that GM part number, wanted a fortune for that stuff. Kid had a 2002 Sunfire with a 130K miles on it, thank God it was the master cylinder and not the slave. Shifting is really rough if you don't have an inch of free play in the clutch. Never changed the fluid on that MT either.

Sure put a ton of miles on our 80's Honda MT's, they were using motor oil in the MT's. Have no idea what's going on. Outdrive on our Volvo boat, don't even want to look at the replacement cost for parts inside of that thing, would get a heart attack. They recommend using conventional motor oil as well, I put in synthetic, not nearly as hygroscopic as standard motor oil.

Major reason for getting rid of vehicles was not mechanical, started around 1975 when they outlawed studded snow tires and switched to road salt. 1965 Buick was still a great looking car and a great runner with 330,000 miles on it, around in 1976, still a good runner, but a pile of rust.

Thinking instead of putting my engine oil in a container for recycling, should pour it all over the body.
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