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New to site, and New to Cruze!

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Just happened to stumble upon this site! I became a Cruze owner on 4/9/2016

I keep trying to upload picture on thread but can't figure out why it won't let me.
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Welcome nice looking car and a Gen II also! Did you try the "Insert Image" icon 3rd from the right to upload your pic? Any plans for the car?
Welcome to the forum! I believe you have to make a few posts before you are allowed to upload pictures. Love that color!
Welcome to CruzeTalk and congrats on your new ride. The Gen 2's are really nice cars.
It was my second choice of color but it's grown on me and I love it!! I do plan on doing some "upgrades" but I'm not sure what yet. A lot of parts I'm finding are for 2016 limited and I'm not sure if they are compatible at all with the gen 2. so that's partially why I joined here to get some ideas lol. Thanks for all the compliments!!
Welcome! Beautiful car! I really like that color!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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