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New to the Forum from PA.

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Hi folks,

Just bought my 2017 Cruze. I've been a Ford guy all my life, but I've decided to try something else. Thus far, I've really been enjoying my car. Since I work in the parts department of a Chevy dealer, it was natural that I would get a GM product. My Ford Fiesta that I bought last year was nothing but lousy. Small, horrible ergonomics, and a transmission that was pretty much useless. So I walked up front to sales and got myself a brand new 17 Cruze LT. For just a little more each month, I got way more car.


-Ethan Smith.
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Hey welcome to CRUZETALK! Did you get a good discount as well?
Thanks! I did get a good discount. I waited until some good incentives were released and pounced. There are a few things I'm still getting used to- the turbo engine and the stop-start technology, but it's very comfortable. Even with me being 6' tall, there's still enough rear seat leg room for just about anyone I'll ever fit in the car.

I'm originally from Bedford Pa.
Hello Ethan, welcome to the Cruze family! Show us your new ride when you have a chance. You're joining a great community. Folks here are very willing to help and share information. Feel free to reach out if any questions appear!
Welcome to the forum. If you had a Fiesta the Cruze should have plenty of room.
Oh yea, it's got like twice the room. I would hit my head, arms, knees, feet- everything! inside that Fiesta. And the rear seats were completely useless.
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Welcome to CruzeTalk!
Welcome to the family.
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