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Hello im new to this and wanted some feedback on upgrading my 2014 cruze rs 1.4 turbo.. Is there really good upgrades out there for the car..of course i know its not a muscle car but want the car to run faster that it does..hope to get some feedback...
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Hello welcome to the forum! There are a few after market tunes you can look into that really unlock the full potential of the car. Is it an automatic? A tune can really help sharpen up shift timings and keep the car into the best areas of the boost for more of the time. It really depends on how much money you want to spend on it too as far as how much power you can get out haha! This is the right place to come to ask these questions though, there's plenty of people here who are willing to help! The three tunes for the Cruze I hear most often are the trifecta tune, the BNR tune, and the vermont tune.
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