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New to working on my own car, noticed some things, should I be worried?

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Hello! I've posted once before asking what sort of upkeep to do for my 2014 1.4L Cruze, which is now at 158k miles. DIY installed a new ZZP ignition coil today after having done my oil feed line and spark plugs with my last oil change, test drive was OK and acceleration response seems to be improved, however, I noticed some odd things:

1.) When I turned the car back on for the test drive, outdoor temperature wasn't showing on the entertainment center anymore. Is this because I disconnected the battery while working? Will it come back on its own? Is that something I have to configure in the computer? Or did I break something? 馃槀 I'm clueless.

2.) Noticed this is cracked. Seems to connect to the battery up on the top, what is it and I should I get this replaced/fixed ASAP?

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3.) Also noticed a LOT of electrical tape seems to be holding various hoses (?) together under my hood, should I consider getting these parts all replaced soon? Not sure what they all are, but I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be taped together like this...

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I also noticed I am yet again leaking coolant! Argh! I've had the water pump, surge tank, and purge valve all done, what could it possibly be this time? Any thoughts are welcome...

Background for anyone who didn't see my previous post: I bought this car used with 125k miles on it two years ago, so I have no idea what was done/not done to it before then. I've had the camshaft cover, front crank seal, valve solenoid seals, catalytic converter, water pump, coolant, timing belt, surge tank, purge valve, intake manifold, air filters, LF wheel bearing, tires, transmission fluid, oil feed line, spark plugs, and now ignition coil (phew!) all replaced in the time I've owned it. Serpentine belt, ABS sensors, and brake pads/rotors are next on my list.

I daily it 30-60 miles a day and need it to keep running smoothly. Would like it to make it to 300k miles if possible.

Thanks in advance!
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Wrapping the split loom in electrical tape wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the dirt out.

Odds are the temperature will come back in time. If not, then something has disturbed the wring going to the sensor in the front driver's side bumper.

As for coolant, that all depends on where it's leaking. Without some idea of location, it's hard to say.
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It can also keep the moisture in, especially on a split loom facing upwards collecting water like a bucket...
It depends on how the ends are handled. In this case I'd think it would be a good idea to wrap it to prevent water from going on. Either that or replace it with a loom where the gap is pointing down.

Either way, not a big deal, just some car lovin'.
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