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Received an email offering a free upgrade to a new Trifecta tune update from Bad News Racing.....


You are receiving this email because you are or were the owner or purchaser of a Trifecta tune for your 1.4T vehicle. Trifecta has released a major update to their tune and the update is available for FREE to all customers- budget tune or premium tune.

If you are interested in this update, please email [email protected] with your VIN and a current list of modifications, and a support rep will get the new update to you.

Please note the below before you request the new calibration-

All packages utilize new TRIFECTA featureset which supersedes now-deprecated select-a-tune. ECO / Power mode selection is now automatic, based on user input. For more information please email [email protected]

I got a Trifecta tune as part of a group buy back in June 2014 and have been very happy.
Any one upgrade to the new tune?
Is it a major improvement in power?
Any issues?
Do you still use the cruise control switch to toggle between ECO and Tune modes?

Thanks for any insight!
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