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New wheels and tires. Thoughts.

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So got my new set up on the car. Thoughts.

235/45/18. Potenza RE760 sports.
With. Regency silver machine 18 x 7.5's.

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18's looking nice! Love to hear how it rides and any + or - on mpg?

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Well I've put one drive to work on them. About 60 miles. Car is more responsive,handles great. A little tire noise,not much and with the tunes on not an issue.
Think I need to stiffen the car up now. Seems to want to body roll more.
So maybe sway bar suggestions are next. Thoughts on sways ?
Was thinking about lowering the car either on springs or coilovers.
But hate to mess with ride quality.
See a lot of people like the ksports coilovers.
But what the ride quality.

This is car is my commuter so don't really want to break the bank on it. I have my weekend car to mess with. So. Was thinking no coils or lowering. But just want to stiffen things up.

My weekend Synner
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