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Hi I just purchased a 2012 Cruze eco with manual trans. 119,00 plus miles. Anything I should keep an eye on or watch for? It was kept very well and serviced well. Was owned by daughter of chevy dealer employee. Anyone have any experience with trifecta performance tune for these cars?
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

If you want a tune, talk to Jerry at BNR

If you already have that tune, go here.

There are many threads dealing with the issues of a 2011. Use the search engine on the right.
Welcome and congrats on the "new" Eco.

It's amazing what Eco owners are reporting for fuel economy. More about it here:
Welcome to the forums. You may want to change spark plugs and manual trans gear oil. Most of us swapped to one of the 2 AMSOIL choices. Also check if the dealership installed the new negative cable on it.
Welcome to CruzeTalk!
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