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Welcome to the forums, AEM filter looks like a good choice compared to the paper element. When you decide to tackle the CAI/SRI, make sure the inner diameter is the same as the maf housing. If you can find a 2nd airbox like I did on my 1st gen, that would give you the maf housing to cut and put inline to eliminate any fuel trim errors or turbulence.

When I ordered mine I told my salesmen not to even think about putting any dealer Logos on it.
I had my dealer remove them before I signed any papers in the finance dept. Wish I had them pull the words "Cruze Eco" since they ended up coming off days after.

This last car wasn't on their lot long enough to litter with stickers and they transferred my plates, plate covers, and frame from my old car instead of sneaking theirs in for that last attempt to market the car. W/o transferring the plates, I would have ended up with the MCH XXXX plates telling the locals where I got the car.

Here is an example of how our dealers here litter the car with dealer stuff. Swap "JAY" with "MCH" and that could have been me.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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