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Newbie Colorado Cruze!

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Hello all,
My name is Erik, and I just picked up a 2013 1LT RS, 1.4, 6mt, BGM. I have been a devoted Subaru fan for the last 10 years or so, but finally decided my aging Outback needed to be replaced with something newer and more fuel efficient. I'll admit I have been a Chevy, and GM hater for about 25 years. Haven't really liked or trusted anything GM until recently. I feel they have been putting out much higher quality cars the last few years, and developed a curious fondness for the Cruze. So, I decide to give it a shot. So far, I like a lot about this car, punchy, great mileage, and seems to be of pretty good build quality. I am looking forward to getting to know some folks, get some help, give some help, and learn as much about my new whip as possible! I have already planned out a few mods for my new car, I decided to call her "the rabbit". Mostly interested in suspension, wheels/tires, and sometime down the road, Trifecta, and maybe an intake. I am already having one really bizarre problem which is making me wonder if I was right to give Chevy a shot, but there's a lot of factory warranty left, so I'm gonna see if more trips to the dealer and this forum can help me out.
Can't wait to get going,
Cheers all,
Erik J.
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Welcome to the forums, these forums are nothing like the Subaru world.
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Thanks! Nothing like the Subaru world? Lol, how so?
The conversations here are more relaxed. You will not get flamed for slapping a forge BOV on a car that isn't "stage 2 mods class" in the Subaru community and Rotella T6 will not be the auto reply when someone starts a new thread about Oil and when to change it.
Welcome to CruzeTalk and congrats. Got pictures of your new ride. Also, where in Colorado?
Merc6, right on! Yeah forums can be pretty awesome, or full of a lot of bs...
Obermd, I'll get some more in my garage, I have one up in there, is that visible to others? I'm in Monument, you in Colorado as well?

Me and Ober are both in the denver area, so Monument isn't to far I go down to Castle Rock quite a bit on my bike. I actually came from the Subaru world as well went through a few wrx's and 2 sti's lol. I do like the Cruze quite a bit, both have there pros and cons tho. What issue are you having with the Cruze maybe we can help you out with?
Hi slammed,
that's awesome to have some other peeps on the forum near me. I also go to Denver and C Rock a lot. I do a lot of cycling in those areas. Your bike, bicycle or motorcycle?
as far as the issues I'm having, I did a post here,
Been a heavy car guy for many years now, and have never heard of such a thing happening... Ober gave me a couple of ideas of where to start...
Lol, weird to have other Subie guys here with Chevy's!
And I also threw in a few snaps of "the rabbit" for ya.
Erik J.


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motorcycle sorry lol, I'm not partial to any brand except for dodge no thanks =>
Did it already come blacked out or was that something that you did yourself? Looks slick on the black car just need to do the wheels if you feel like mudering it out
Hey, totally off topic question here, but is there a way to turn on email notifications when people post in threads I've posted in? I can't seem to find it, I assume it is somewhere in my settings?
I think you need to subscribe to the thread is my understanding?

Edit: up at the top of the thread it says thread tools, click on that to subscribe and then it will take you to a screen for notifications via email or just on the website itself.
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Welcome :)

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Hey, totally off topic question here, but is there a way to turn on email notifications when people post in threads I've posted in? I can't seem to find it, I assume it is somewhere in my settings?
scroll up to thread tools and click on suscribe to the thread you want to keep track of. it will ask how frequent you want notification.
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