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Newbie from MA - Engine Ticking and fog lights don't come on

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Hi All!

I am very excited to have purchased a 2015 Cruze LTZ RS 1.4T with 44,000 miles on it this past week. In my first week of driving it I noticed only two things that I can find wrong with the vehicle, everything else works perfect!

First problem is really not a major thing at all and that is just that the fog lights do not turn on when I press the button to turn them on. The light on the dash indicates that they are on but they aren't. When the vehicles auto lights are turned off and I hit the fog lights it turns on the DRLs.

The second problem which is more of a concern but has not affect the performance at all nor is the check engine light on... is a ticking sound. It is constant and steady whether the car is idling or revved.

I will be bringing the car back to the dealer where I purchased it however I would really like to hear some opinions of experienced cruze owners.

Looking forward to being a member of this fine community!
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welcome to the forum and congrats on the Cruze hopefully the ticking is the injectors, like in the video above, and not something wrong. as for the fog lights make sure the auto lights have the lights turned on or manually do it the fogs wont come on with out other lights on also.
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