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Newbie: From Mitsubishi Lancer to Chevy Cruze

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I purchased my 2016 Chevy Cruze LS Dec 27,2016. before then I had a (first car) 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. It was super hard to let go of my car, I had it for almost 10 years! I decided to go with the Cruze for the MPG, Size, Technology and Style.

I am very new to the online car enthusiast forums. I am also new to modifying my ride outside of adding a spoiler and a few other add-ons inside the interior.

I hope to learn more about my Cruze from others, get some cool ideas on how to customize my own Cruze and to feel a part of the new Chevrolet and Chevy Cruze family.
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Welcome. I too came to the Cruze from the Lancer back in 2012. My Lancer's clutch was failing after 30K miles and Mitsubishi tried to claim it was me riding the clutch. My ECO MT's clutch was checked at 90K miles and I was told the pad was only about half way through it's life based on the amount of actual (as opposed to hydraulic fluid) play required to engage/disengage the clutch.

I found my ECO was generally far more refined and comfortable than the Lancer.
I had my 08 Lancer for over 121k miles. I only changed the transmission once, but certain things stopped working. Like the window at the back side of the driver's side for whatever reason stopped working. That was a $300-400 fix (that I opted out of). Then the Bluetooth all of a sudden stopped working. Then my "check engine light" came on and off. The code it was giving me was for the CAT converter. I have almost 10 long years in that car and I'm so thankful for all of them.

I choose chevy because it was an American made car, nice turbo engine, nice extra bells and whistles and I always had my eye on the Cruze every since it came out (stop/start technology)

I am slightly jealous about the TDI version that is coming out, but I still love my "midnight".
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