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Hi all, from the Home of our Cruzes.....Northeast Ohio.

Been an electronics tech for over 40 years and specialized in car electronics installs for 30.

Being in the “backyard” of Lordstown, I have worked on Every POS they have produced (and claimed would be the “Japanese killer” to equal the Civic/Corolla) from the Vega to the Citation to the Cavalier to the Cobalt.

Friends of mine that work there All would claim “ Oh yeah, THIS time, we nailed it!”


BUT I have to admit it, the Cruze Seems to be the real deal.

I work with several that have em And I just bought a 2011.

Good test too as it is now going on 8 years old and has 150k miles and it runs,rides and drives beautifully.

Time will tell if this baby can equal the Many Honda’s and Toyota’s I’ve owned that EASILY went 200k and more with not only VERY few problems (mostly routine maintenance and parts wearing) PLUS STILL drove nice And quiet......and didn’t literally FALL APART.

Maybe GM has finally figured it out. Hope so!

Anyway, glad to be here and hope to be a member for many years.

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Welcome aboard!
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