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Hi There Cruze owners and enthusiasts!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rendy and I owned a 2010 LT Cruze AT.
Cruze is relatively a decent car in Indonesia as it can be compared head to head with Altis and Civic. General Motors in Indonesia once imported only 250 units in Indonesia which makes it even a rare car to be found in the streets. American car in Indonesia doesn't have the crowd it deserves compared to Japanese and European, even Ford Motors just bail out from the country, leaving only GM to be the sole provider of American car in Indonesia - apart from other small direct importers. By far, the fame of Chevrolet is catching up. We have dedicated automotive group of specifically Cruze and Orlando in Indonesia and we shared a lot of information.

With a lot of modification and tune specialist I am very eager to explore more about Cruze improvement specifically in the Performance aspects. It is very challenging for us lot in Indonesia because the car is very limited in number and the after sales becomes somewhat very intriguing where you have to wait for weeks and months to get some parts replaced.

I have been browsing through Cruze talk for some months before I am thinking to seriously modify my car.
I am looking forward to hearing back from fellas here and all over the world!

HELP Needed:
As the starting point, I am planning to get my Cruze an upgrade in air intake kit and catback exhaust, later on will do some work on the header, injector and ECU tuning software.
I have a challenging situation here as I tried to contact ZZP, BNR and Trifecta, all come back to me and said that they do not have any calibration for my Cruze model 1.8 AT LT 2010. I am trying to really find out if there is a major difference between the electronics in Cruze 2010 model and 2011 model, since those Tuner only supports 2011 Cruze onwards. Can anybody here advise me on this point? - As a starting point, you know that this is very frustrating, when you can get all the parts to modify but the ECU aspect cannot follow.

I thank you very much for the thoughts and the warm welcome.

Best Regards,

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Welcome! Someone should help you shortly.

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Welcome to the forum! :welcome:
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