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2014 Cruze 1.8L LS...107,000 miles...have NEVER gotten better than 23.5 mpg average since purchasing it brand new. Had battery cable, intake manifold, water pump, vvt solenoids, cam position sensors, valve cover replaced under warranty about a few thousand miles after bought it. Still same mileage...Car would surge at stops like someone was pushing it from behind then letting go. Rattle at startup for a few seconds...And stalling at low rpms sometimes.

Fast forward to today...gave it a timing belt kit change, all done myself...timing was good from what I can tell...everything lined up perfectly....No problems doing the job. 4,000 miles later, I get P0011 error code...So I take it apart and check timing marks...everything still dead on. Give it two oil changes in two days to clean oil, new vvt solenoids, sensors, change intake phaser/sprocket....All torqued to spec...button it up...light goes out...starts almost silently...then next day, rattle at startup...light comes on. And never goes out.

Take it to timing specialist...he installs exhaust cam after checking it all out, and a new phaser...all back to perfect time...supposedly...doesn't rattle badly at idle...but light comes back on. We are all stumped. My belief is that some idiot turned the crankshaft 360° at the factory and threw off timing a few teeth...or a bad ecm.

Attached are some screenshots of readings I got right after car there anything strange in them? Or any other ideas short of trashing this vehicle?

Any help would be appreciated! 😀
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