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Nike12000's build log

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Hey guys here is some of the stuff I have been doing to the cruze please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Headlamp Automotive lighting White Vehicle Light

Chevrolet cruze Headlamp Chevrolet White Automotive lighting

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet Headlamp

Back up led's
Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Mid-size car Full-size car

Dipped wheels
Alloy wheel Rim Tire Wheel Spoke

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Mid-size car

Thinking of dipping the white on the mirrors to match the wheels what do you think? Also the chrome strip at the bottom of the doors maybe?
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Rim

Need to clean the dip off the wheel but that is the wheel dipped and 2 coats of gloss
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Rim
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What have you done? Nothing is in the post lol.
Sorry I hit enter before I was done I have pics posted now please check again
Also thinking of using the same dip I have for the wheels to do the front and rear bow ties any thoughts?
projectors are on the list but I cant find them for less then $350 ish any suggestion or do I need to pay to play also What are the thoughts on dipping the mirrors?
I dipped my mirrors, gave the car a nice look. Just hope a big bug doesn't hit your mirror..I had to redo one because he destroyed the dip lol..I was like wth?
Never even gave that a thought... does the glossafier "sp" help to strengthen that at all? Also how does it hold up thought the winter if the snow gonna destroy it should I remove before then and redo in the spring or think it would last? This is my first time using dip on anyting
I didn't put gloss on until I just redid it the other week. I can't help you with the snow answer, I just started doing dip over the summer and it is very fun to do and use. You'll get addicted lol.

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Just doing the wheels im hooked its soo cheap and lets you be sooo creative I love it!
I love the lights
Thank you I like them to and im sure they will be ever better when I can afford projectors
very nice progress! love the lights also! i have 6Ks on mine. did you do the fogs also? love the LTZ wheels as well, dipped or not they look great. keep up your good work!
I didnt do anything to the fogs yet as I almost never use them first car I have had thats had them honestly I forget they are their 1/2 the time think I should do hid there also?
I am in love with those wheels. The dip also makes them look 100x better in my opinion.
Thank you I like it so far I'm dipping the side mirrors to match as we speak and I did the back bow Tie to see how it looks worse case I will just peel it off
Here guys did my mirrors to match the wheels also did the rear bow-tie please let me know what you guys think!!

Before just rims
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet cruze Mid-size car

With rims and mirrors
Land vehicle Vehicle Chevrolet cruze Car Mid-size car

Other misc pics of the process
Car Vehicle Paper Family car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior

The red tint you see on the mirror is actually my shirt... its a metallic dip so is slightly reflective and also has 2 coats of gloss like the rims
Vehicle Car Automotive mirror Rear-view mirror Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Automotive design

Vehicle Automotive exterior Car Symbol Automotive window part

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Vehicle door Hood
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I am in love with those wheels. The dip also makes them look 100x better in my opinion.
got my stuff from So far super pleased their customer service was great and it was $50 for 4 cans of dip and 2 cans of gloss/clear
Also forgot to show these came with the car cant take credit but still something that not everyone has
Black Green Darkness Light Automotive design

Car Vehicle Automotive exterior Personal luxury car Bumper
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Nice work nike12000, I also have the same color just a 2012 LTZ also dipped the rims black its been about a month in a half and I feel like its fading looks dusty now even after a wash. You used glorifier on your rims from plastidip? let me know how that is holding up id go for that next if it works out better
I can deff do that I have 4-5 coats of dip and 2 of the gloss so heres hoping they hold up.... but really for less then 50 bucks even if get away with 5-6 months more would be ideal but i love the look now that the mirrors are done I feel like it really connects the dots kinda thing
Not sure if I missed it, but is that the anthracite grey dip?

And you're car looks good, I personally like the mirrors white though.

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yes it is he anthracite grey with the glossifyer "sp" on it. and I was on the fence about the mirrors at first but I really like them now I think it draws the car together but to each their own that's the beauty of the product, plus I can rip it off in six months and make the orange if I want :)
And that's what makes your car your own. Do exactly what you like, and who cares about the rest. It isn't theirs.

I bet it looks a lot better in person, the pics don't do justice from what I've heard on that color.

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They deff do not and thank you!
Hey guys I added a poll looking to see how you guys think I should spend my money next!
heck yeah! mine are, and they look great! and on your RS, it would only add to the awesomeness. also think about painting the gold part of your bowtie white!
I did the back bow tie black so I will prob do the front the same but thank you for the input much appreciated

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please help me out guys and take my poll! Thanks
I have not done anything audio wise I would consider that but would rather get things looking and running before I really dump any major money into the sound but thank you very much for the feed back!
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I will check that out thank you
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