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Whats next for the Cruze?

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Nike12000's build log

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Hey guys here is some of the stuff I have been doing to the cruze please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Headlamp Automotive lighting White Vehicle Light

Chevrolet cruze Headlamp Chevrolet White Automotive lighting

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet Headlamp

Back up led's
Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Mid-size car Full-size car

Dipped wheels
Alloy wheel Rim Tire Wheel Spoke

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Mid-size car

Thinking of dipping the white on the mirrors to match the wheels what do you think? Also the chrome strip at the bottom of the doors maybe?
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Rim

Need to clean the dip off the wheel but that is the wheel dipped and 2 coats of gloss
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Rim
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projectors are on the list but I cant find them for less then $350 ish any suggestion or do I need to pay to play also What are the thoughts on dipping the mirrors?

I dipped my mirrors, gave the car a nice look. Just hope a big bug doesn't hit your mirror..I had to redo one because he destroyed the dip lol..I was like wth?
Never even gave that a thought... does the glossafier "sp" help to strengthen that at all? Also how does it hold up thought the winter if the snow gonna destroy it should I remove before then and redo in the spring or think it would last? This is my first time using dip on anyting
I didn't put gloss on until I just redid it the other week. I can't help you with the snow answer, I just started doing dip over the summer and it is very fun to do and use. You'll get addicted lol.

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1 - 4 of 63 Posts
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