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Whats next for the Cruze?

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Nike12000's build log

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Hey guys here is some of the stuff I have been doing to the cruze please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Headlamp Automotive lighting White Vehicle Light

Chevrolet cruze Headlamp Chevrolet White Automotive lighting

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet Headlamp

Back up led's
Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Mid-size car Full-size car

Dipped wheels
Alloy wheel Rim Tire Wheel Spoke

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Mid-size car

Thinking of dipping the white on the mirrors to match the wheels what do you think? Also the chrome strip at the bottom of the doors maybe?
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Rim

Need to clean the dip off the wheel but that is the wheel dipped and 2 coats of gloss
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Rim
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I will be dipping badges and removing chrome on door

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Start up - YouTube This is the start up.
Inside - YouTube This is with the windows down still not warmed up gets louder once its warm.
Warned up - YouTube This is warmed up and a rev to about 3k Also shows where the muffler was removed and pipe sectioned in. There is a resonator towards the front if you want louder take this out also. I did not yet wanted to see how it would be before I did that didnt want it screaming when I was going down highway I can do 80 down the highway and it is louder and I think sounds good and I can still have a convo inside no trouble at all. I may remove resonator yet but wanted to try this till spring at least also this being removed was $30 bucks removed bent and welded... so super cheap mod deff feel a diff in pep nothing life changing but feels better also you can hear the turbo under load if you get on it.
Sounds real nice! Did it make a differance on the thottle? Is your interior black and white!?
With the hids is there just a bulb you can buy to get them more white or do you have to wire it all? I just bought a 2014 cruze ltz summit white.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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