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im from mexico and the new gen cruze came for 2017 model.
even we have the premier trim, theres a ton of equipment that we dont have like reverse sensores, electrical seat, heated stearing, autodim mirror etc.

in fact, dealer are offering the 2018 model. but is exact the same as 2017.
i thought that it was going to have LED lights or at least HID. and led tail light.

does the 2018 model is being sell in the US? what is differentl

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Apparently, all were getting is a few color changes.

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GM Order Guide said:

(GGQ) Orange Burst Metallic exterior color
(GXG) Tungsten Metallic exterior color

New Features

(1SG) LT Diesel Manual Hatch equipment group and (1SH) LT Diesel Auto Hatch equipment group on 1BT68 model
(G9K) Satin Steel Gray Metallic exterior color


(UE1) OnStar changes from Guidance Plan for 3 months to Guidance Plan Limited Trial Service

Yep - the orange exterior color is gone, and the gray color has been changed to a new gray. The big one is the addition of the Diesel Hatchback.
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