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Hello, i was supposed to hit the road for a long trip but realized the cooling fan does not run at all, even with the a/c turned on.
I have checked all the interior and exterior fuses. There is no voltage at any of the 4 pins on the fan connector. I'm trying to figure out if this is a ground issue (do you know where the fan grounds?) or a relay issue (there are like 7!) or worse (bcm)

2011 cruze non turbo

I saw this post (edit: sorry im not allowed to post links) 201-gen1-diesel-technical-discussion 229130-cooling-fan-not-working-coolant-260f-4

There appears to be some great info from cruzator on page 4 but all of the links just take me to the front page of the forum

I have to leave tomorrow this is going to suck
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