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You have air in the coolant system. I believe with the radiator cap slightly loose all the air should reach the top of the system with the engine running at 1000-1500 RPM.

There is a small air bleed screw that is on the top passenger side of the radiator. It's on the radiator coolant tank. With the engine off, you should be able to fill coolant until it comes out of the bleeder, then close the bleeder and bring the system up to temperature with the radiator cap slightly loose.

You should be able to see coolant flowing through the connection from the top of the water outlet on the drivers side to the top of the radiator fill bottle. Under normal operation people like Obermd have noticed with dye in the system you can see the flow come back to the bottle.

After this you may wish to change the radiator cap o-ring if the system is not holding pressure. This is something you will find on this forum and it's a known problem with the cruze. You'll have to find the thread that discusses this, and order some o-rings. Use a water soluble lube to lubricate them before installing onto the radiator bottle, and be careful as they will be a tight fit.

Ideally the shop would fill the system under vacuum using one of these. I bought one off amazon a few years ago.. Expensive yes but it's saved me on two different GM cars..

Search around, there's a plastic version as well, this is the first link I found.. Amazon had them cheaper I had thought.

If the air pocket is down in the heater core, it can be difficult to get it to rise to the top. I gave up with an Oldsmobile, I had with the coolant tank like the Cruze, and I played with bleeding that for nearly 2 weeks before I bought the air tool.
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