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NO Start! Help

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2012 Ltz Push Start... I have a month old Battery, New recalled Negative and Positive cable, All cables are tight, Voltages are good....

So When I try to start, the dash is all lit up, you hear the some sort of pump noise/vac pump noise, and then the dash lights turn off and no start, Now I was able to drive this day, came home for a hour, and then couldn't go anywhere.. After 20 trys, car finally started....

My question is, after eliminating the Cables and Battery, what else could it be? I know its not the FOB otherwise it wouldn't even try to start...Computer? Starter?
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How cold? Someone else reported a problem (complete with YouTube) where his starter ran, but failed to engage the engine. Our current theory is that it was a result of the cold, along with over-aggressive cleaning by a used car dealer getting soap and water where it shouldn't be.

You say you hear a "pump" noise. Is it a very soft noise that would easily be covered up when the engine is running, or is it fairly loud?
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