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Noise at the front

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Hello, excuse my english i am french and i speak to you via a google translator.
Here is my problem: a month ago I bought a cruze 2.0 diesel (163 hp) 2011, I hear a noise at the front "cloc cloc" when I ride on deformed roads, I checked the train Before, it is in good condition.
Aurize you an idea of the problem? Thank you to all.
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À l'avenir, si vous avez des questions, vous pouvez publier dans votre langue maternelle française avec la traduction. Beaucoup d'entre nous parlent plus que l'anglais et sont heureux de vous aider.

In the future if you have questions, you're welcome to post in your native French along with the translation. Quite a few of us speak more than just English and are happy to help.
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