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I have a 2012 and having the same **** issue. New brakes and rotors and now it makes a horrible grinding/squealing/metal clunking noise. It only happens when I'm lightly applying the brakes to come to a stop. This car has been nothing but issues for me. Any advice would be appreciated.
I've seen, on the Impalas, when the traction control fires, it makes a grinding noise. The Impalas are notorious for intermittent wheel speed sensors that cause the computer to misinterpret the intermittent signal as wheel slip which makes it apply the brake(s). I've not seen it on my Cruzes, but, assuming your recent brake job was done properly, it's something else to consider.

BTW, was that brake job done in a shop? Or DIY? Front axle? Or both?

When you apply the brakes, there can be a tiny bit of movement in the knuckle, maybe just enough to agitate a bad connection in the harness and cause the traction control to fire. This would imply a bad connection at the wheel speed sensor, perhaps caused by a poorly seated connector.

Again, this is a bit of a long shot, but if you've ruled out everything else...


1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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