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We hinted at these before, and many of you showed interest here...
^ feel free to read through that thread if you'd like to get caught up ^


We've reached a point where we can move forward with production on our first batch of lightweight crank pulleys for the Cruze and Sonic, na and turbo.

As a general rule of thumb, NST CR-LITE Crank Pulleys are apx 70% lighter than the OEM pulleys they replace. These OEM sized crank pulleys neither underdrive nor overdrive the accessories, but do provide incredible weight reduction (70oz OEM avg, vs 14oz NST) on the rotating assembly. This weight reduction leads to better overall performance including better horsepower and torque delivery, better throttle response, and better mpg. We do not have any specific numbers for the Cruze or Sonic just yet, but you can search the following page on our site to find a ton of other testing we've done over the years... DYNOS TESTING | DYNO CHARTS | NonStopTuning

You can also find a TON of other relevant info on our site, so I encourage you to browse some of our pulley pages on NonStopTuning | NST USA if you want to become a more educated consumer.


Number Of Members Required: 12 or more members
Sign Up Deadline: FEB 24, 2016
Payments: Needed AFTER Sign Up Deadline
Regular MSRP: $148.00
Group Buy Price: $118.00
GB Discount: 20.00%
Colors AT No Extra Charge: Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, Black

2012 – 2015 CRUZE 6 rib NST71800
2012 – 2015 SONIC 6 rib NST71800


To be 100% SURE, YOU WILL NEED TO pop your hood, look at your pulleys, and count the number of ribs on your belt and/or pulleys. I'll post a pic here and try to explain for those who are not familiar. For reference purposes... You can COUNT the number of ribs on this belt and see FIVE ribs. You can also clearly see a 5 PK designation, sometimes also listed as K05. Based on this info you would find your item number above. Make sense?

From there, you would COPY & PASTE the latest list that applies to you, add your name and color choice, and encourage your fellow board members to do the same. You can also simply reply with your info and I'd be happy to add you to the correct list. I will be able to help with this process moving forward if anyone is confused.

2012 – 2015 CRUZE 6 rib NST71800
2012 – 2015 SONIC 6 rib NST71800

00. NonStopTuning - RED

We will begin asking for payments AFTER we've hit our SIGN UP DEADLINE (late feb) and will allow members sufficient time (usually 10 to 15 days) to make their payments. Production will begin AFTER our PAYMENT DEADLINE and will require approximately 60 days. Please DO NOT sign up on any of the above lists if you can not offer your patience and support while production is under way. We are offering a large discount, and a number of custom colors at no extra fee, in exchange for your patience and support during the production process. This process will require a little patience from all involved parties. Any extra pulleys that we manufacture will be made available to the general public after production is completed, at the regular MSRP.

Thanks all, let's get this party started!!!

(please note: I will not be able to respond to social media inquiries regarding any of these topics. If you have questions please do not ask them on facebook, instagram, etc. Please ask them here or via email)

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Because someone will bring it up again if I do not...

From the NST website: FAQ | NonStopTuning


Q. Do lightweight aluminum crank pulleys lead to premature engine failure?

Most American engines in the muscle car era (50s-60s) were externally balanced. An external balancer (harmonic balancer) was attached to the outside of the engine, on the crank snout, to balance these engines externally. The crank pulley in such engines would then be attached to this balancer. Removal of this balancer was a bad idea. These balancers were most often used on large displacement V8 engines and the majority of today’s internet forums and social media discussions regarding harmonics stem from this principle.

Modern (1980s and up) Honda, Toyota, Nissan, or other Japanese engines are NOT equipped with external balancers. These engines are internally balanced and this process has improved even further since the 90s. So the topic of a BALANCER does not apply here.

The crank pulley found on many modern engines is often called a harmonic damper. This damper is a thin rubber band, less than (1/8 inch) 2mm, built into the crank pulley. This rubber is used to absorb something called NVH, noise/vibration/harshness. Suffice it to say, this rubber is actually not very good at performing its intended purpose after as little as a few thousand miles. What happens to rubber after exposure to weather conditions such as humidity, snow, rain, etc? It often becomes brittle, hard, and crunchy. Can something with these properties actually absorb vibrations very well? Many NST customers have reported smoother running engines with NST pulleys, especially at idle. How is this possible if the rubber is such a vital important piece? As it turns out, the rubber is not as important as it is cracked up to be.

Further on the topic of the rubber damper, engine vibrations, or possible threats resulting from elimination of this rubber piece… On a well maintained engine with bolt-ons or low amounts of boost like what most owners probably run, a lightweight aluminum crank pulley will not have any life threatening consequences.

The engineering reasons are that most modern engines have a short (increasingly strong) crankshaft operating under 8,000 RPM. The dangerous second harmonic that can cause damage occurs at an RPM that this sort of engine will never see, in the area above 10,000 RPM. Even the OEM damper is not tuned for attenuation above 10,000 RPM, so the argument is somewhat of a moot point. 90% of our customers do not fall into the latter category. How many 500 HP+, 10,000 RPM+ engines do we have on the street?

Q. Does NST have cars/customers in professional motorsports using its products?

There are a large number of Honda, Toyota, and Nissan guys who use underdrive crank pulleys in road racing series like NASA or SCCA. Road racing is much more punishing on an engine than other motorsports. The engine is subjected to run times lasting roughly 30 minutes with the engine always in the upper ranges of its RPM limit. One race weekend is the equivlent of hundreds of 1/4 mile passes. These guys would not use NST pulleys if they were not reliable. NST sponsored the first ever wheel to wheel Scion tC NASA Road Race car. The same car was very competitive in the Grand Am series and had factory backing from Toyota, Scion, and TRD. This car used pulleys from NST with great results since day one. NST has sponsored several drift cars participating in the professional US drift series, Fromula Drift. Several of our cars have also competed in D1 GP USA, Xtreme Drift Circuit, and NOPI Drift series. To make things better, NST products are also used in autocross, time attack, and drag cars.


Older American V8 engines are externally balanced and require pulleys designed specifically for these applications, or damage to the engine could result. You will not find solid aluminum NST pulleys on our website for such engines.High RPM engines, when modified well beyond the simple bolt-on stages, may have issues with solid aluminum pulleys. Such engines reach critical harmonics above 10,000 RPM, a range in which the dangerous wave of harmonics can come into play. For such RACE engines, OEM dampers are also not sufficient.90% of our customers’ engines do not fall into the above categories, and as a result, will benefit from the lightweight pulleys NST offers. Rest assured, your engines will not suffer damage nor will they have a reduced life in street and/or track use when NST products are installed properly. We would bet that every “expert” preaching otherwise has little personal, practical, real world experience with the subject; as it applies in your case.


To go even further with this subject...

There are dozens of threads on various forums across the internet filled with hundreds of reviews from real world customers of NST, using NST products on their street cars and race cars for several thousand miles at a time. Many of these customers have come back to NST to buy NST pulleys for multiple different project cars including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc.

One of my favorite things in the world is when someone comes to me at a Formula Drift / Hot Import Nights / etc. event and says something like, "I bought an NST pulley for my AE86 7/8/9 years ago and still use it!" This sort of thing happens often.

I will list a few links... you can read through these and will notice some very important things: Thousands of miles racked up by hundreds of customers, less than 1% of reported cases of product failure when NST pulleys have been used.

Is that enough to warrant trust in NST products? You don't have to take my word for it, the NST reviews have spoken for themselves for over a decade. How many of our competitors can provide you with this sort of feedback across multiple platforms, with more than a hundred items in their catalogs, spanning over a decade?

Second gen Scion tC, apx 30 pages of feedback from customers...
The COMPREHENSIVE Thread on NST Scion tC II Pulleys -

Veloster Turbo & Veloster n/a, apx 50 pages of feedback from customers...
Nonstop Tuning Lightweight Pulley Dyno Results

Nissan 370Z, apx 100 pages of feedback from customers...
NST (NonStopTuning) 370Z VQ37HR Pulley Kit Review w/ Dyno Charts - Nissan 370Z Forum

Scion FRS & Subaru BRZ, apx 12 pages of feedback from customers...
NonStopTuning Pulley Kit Info, Dyno Charts, User Feedback - Scion FR-S Forum | Subaru BRZ Forum | Toyota 86 GT 86 Forum | AS1 Forum - FT86CLUB

I think this should show enough data to help answer your specific question regarding trust, with respect to engineering and critical engine components.

To all of our customers who have helped us come this far in the past ten plus years, we most certainly appreciate your continued support of our brand and products. Thank you, best of luck with all your projects!

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Sadly it looks like the community is not interested in these items. It's really too bad, I had high hopes for this chassis.

Huge thanks to the few who showed interested, unfortunately we will not be able to move forward if the majority of the community seems uninterested.

Thanks again.
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