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USB Indexing and Limitations

Just thought I'd share my findings and observations on the use of the USB port:
1) The manual claims a 10,000 song limit, so I have been trying to optimize for use of a 32GB stick - holding approx 7,500 tracks at 128 kbps.
2) You must format using FAT or FAT32. I have even attached laptop PATA drives using a USB converter cable - as long as they are FAT32 format
3) There are definitely some limitations as to how you arrange the folders! I have found that the fewer folders, the faster it indexes BUT you can't store more that 2000 tracks in a single folder or they will not properly index (you won't get a message, but you won't see many of the files). So far, my best strategy is to put the 1st 2000 tracks on the root directory and add a folder for each additional 2000 tracks I want to store. 3 additional directories is all I need. When I had a million folders on my drive, the indexing never seemed to complete!
4) You need valid ID3 tags on your files. I use iTunes to manage my tags and this works fine.
5) You absolutely CAN use iTunes as a means to copy your songs to your USB stick. It is easiest to make a playlist and then just drag and drop the songs onto your USB drive.
6) With 7500 tracks, the 1st pass of indexing takes about 20 minutes and it will ALWAYS start to play the 1st tracks that were copied to the drive (so you should make those your favorite album!). Once the initial indexing is complete, subsequent indexing only takes about 4-5 minutes as long as you don't change sticks.

If anyone else has some additional key information, I'd love to hear it!
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