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Not getting the MPG I think I should

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So, my normal commute is 37 miles one way, with about a 2000 ft elevation gain on a 2 lane road. I've had worse commutes... That being said, I've been averaging about 33 MPG per tank. Ok, I understand with the mountain, that's not bad. But over the weekend, I took interstate from home to Black Mountain, NC. I-77 to I-40. Even with cruise control set most of the way at PSL (70, then 65) I only got 37 MPG average. On the way home, the trip started down a big mountain, so I was able to average 42. Not as good as I was expecting.
What items should I be looking at on my 2014 CTD?
I've already:
Changed all filters except the fuel filter. (Dealer changed that right before delivery, there is still 47% life on it.)
Put in amsoil oil and transmission fluid. (Flushed transmission)
Cleaned the MAF.
Tightened the 5 hose clamps from the air filter onwards.

I was thinking maybe have the dealer:
Reset the LTFT
Flash the HVAC (I have the humming noise when the car shuts off, and if I maintain 70 or greater with RPMs 2K or over, the A/C shuts down - but that's another story.)

Any other things I should consider?
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I noticed my fuel consumption increasing before I got the P0133 code. Then, after the dealer replaced the sensor and reset the fuel trim (and possibly updated the ecu) the fuel consumption dropped back to where I'd seen it when I first got the car two months ago. For me that means 30+ mpg around town.
I wonder about the sooting up of the O2 sensor as a cause of increased fuel consumption. Is it possible that a dirty sensor might cause a decrease in mileage without actually triggering a DTC?
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