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Not getting the MPG I think I should

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So, my normal commute is 37 miles one way, with about a 2000 ft elevation gain on a 2 lane road. I've had worse commutes... That being said, I've been averaging about 33 MPG per tank. Ok, I understand with the mountain, that's not bad. But over the weekend, I took interstate from home to Black Mountain, NC. I-77 to I-40. Even with cruise control set most of the way at PSL (70, then 65) I only got 37 MPG average. On the way home, the trip started down a big mountain, so I was able to average 42. Not as good as I was expecting.
What items should I be looking at on my 2014 CTD?
I've already:
Changed all filters except the fuel filter. (Dealer changed that right before delivery, there is still 47% life on it.)
Put in amsoil oil and transmission fluid. (Flushed transmission)
Cleaned the MAF.
Tightened the 5 hose clamps from the air filter onwards.

I was thinking maybe have the dealer:
Reset the LTFT
Flash the HVAC (I have the humming noise when the car shuts off, and if I maintain 70 or greater with RPMs 2K or over, the A/C shuts down - but that's another story.)

Any other things I should consider?
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Hmmm. Interesting. Their website states it is an Eco tire. I'm not sure if that translates to LRR or not. But, if the MPG loss isn't too bad (1-2) then that might be ok if I get everything else to cooperate and get the MPG where I want it. I do have this mountain to traverse each day, so the grippy part may outweigh the need for the extra 1-2 mpg. If the weather gets too bad, then I'd want to take the Suburban. Talk about a loss of MPG! I'd rather take the Cruze as often as possible.
Most manufacturers have a LRR tire in their lineup, but few are engineered to be quite as fuel-efficient as the FuelMax, because a lot of trade-offs come with that (hard ride, low traction in rain).

If you want a great all-around tire, I highly recommend it. If MPG is your ultimate deciding factor, this is the wrong tire for that.
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