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Honestly, I think I've found this car likes doing 70 more than doing 60. Driving to NC the last time (going for the Hypercruzer badge), it really seemed to be happier (fuel-wise) at 70-75 mph than at 55 or 60 mph.
That's not what I've 55 mph my Cruze diesel got it's highest mileage I have ever seen getting 64.8 mpg in a 50 mile section on the DIC....My daily drive is also 37 miles one way to work and cruising 65 mph on pretty much level highway, I usually get mid 40's and as high as 51, until I get off the interstate and then it drops quickly back down to around 42/43 mpg....and will drop down into the mid 30's if you stay off the highway and do short local drives around home.
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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