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Insurance Auto Auctions, Miami, January 25th:
Silver Premier, 2018, clean title, rental (may have 100k fleet powertrain warranty).
From the looks of it, I'd replace the left fender, glue any broken mounting tabs on the left headlight, straighten out the radiator support and bumper structure and drive it.

$10,500 buy it now.
Bidder's fees are significant, I'd call the auction location and find out exactly what it would cost to buy.
Not open to the public, so you'd have to get a broker to bid it for you.

I'd probably ignore the buy it now and have a broker bid it up to $10k or 10.5k for me if I wanted it. Maybe I'd get lucky and buy it for $9k, but there's always the chance of being outbid or having somebody else hit the buy it now button before the auction.
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