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So are the 2014 cruzeszzz perfect or just haven't found the bad stuff yet? there's not to much on here about them?? (good or bad)
Im thinking maybe not enough time has passed yet..

That being said, Im definitely going to change my trans fluid to the Amsiol 75w-90. Cause Im getting 1st to 2nd and 4th to 5th gear munching that Ive read about ( was 5th to 6th in the earlier models, Im noticing it in 4th and 5th. I came from an 86 honda civic so Ive gotten use to putting a little muscle into my shifts and didn't realize this was a fixable problem....

Also I think the screen for my stereo is being cooked by the Az sun. The lights inside seem not to light up as bright as they once did, like are noticeably dimmer than the gauge lights now...
I dunno could be me, Ima get some of those big silver sun shades for my windshield and see how it goes....

Awesome sight cruzerz, glad to have found it.

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The 14s seem to be subject to less issues so far (aside from the water pumps and PCV covers). But it could just be that there haven't been many owners on the forum with problems with their 14s yet.

Honestly I have seen a lot of issues around the site with 13's, so hopefully they sorted some of those things out for the last 2 production years.
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