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Notice From A Lawyer Firm

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Got a lawyers notice a week or two ago (think I threw it out?). About the Lemon Law and the Cruze. Mentioned things that supposedly can and do go wrong with the car, eveything from the 'Bad Smell' from the radiator, to airbags. I think there was 5-6 things on there.

Nice to know the lawyers in this country are looking out for our saftey. :sarcasm:

Anyone else get one of these?
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Ha, even in a small town, half of the yellow pages in the phone directory are attorney ads. Guess they are trying to make a living.

Our court system is strictly based on awarding bucks, the burden of proof for even a lost of one buck is on your shoulders, and won't find a single attorney willing to work for 30% of a buck. Plus we have a corporate owned law making congress to deal with.

So they may hit you with the principle of the fact, but the money will be coming out of your pocket.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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