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All members are eligible and encouraged to nominate a candidate for MOTM! Entries must be made by November 20th. Voting will begin November 21st, and end on November 30th.

We have some new prizes this month for the contest winners. The winner will receive:
-A $25 Code for the
Badnewsracing website.
-A pair of Diode Dynamics' HP3 license plate lights
-MOTM Winner title
-VIP Member badge (which comes with an upgraded account as well as access to an exclusive "VIP Room" section of the forum)

Please submit a brief summary why you feel that your candidate deserves the "MOTM Title". Worthy candidates will get a slot in the voting thread at the end of the month. Serious submissions only Please.Past winners may be nominated again after 6 months from the original winning date.

Your Candidate will NOT be added to the voting thread without a submission in THIS thread.
No discussions in this thread. Just submissions.

Admin reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary, at any time.

Members who are still on their victory lap:

May dhpnet
June anthonysmith93
July Rivergoer
August Blasirl
September MP81
October IndyDiesel

If you know a member that has made great contributions to the Forum. Show him/her some appreciation by nominating them for MOTM!!!!

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It’s Veteran’s Day (month) so I’ll toss in @Vetterin for consideration.

Not only a service vet but also a long-time CruzeTalk veteran as well. Also Congrats to grandson Jeremy for his recent Air Force Achievement Medal...well done!

ALL our Military veterans are Members Of The Month, thank you ladies and gentlemen.
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