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So that's what the Cruze hatchback looks like! Personally, I would buy it if we had it here in the States. I love the utility!

As for your camera, I don't know if this is any help, but I just bought and installed the same one. The US model has screws on the outside of the light, so it's literally a direct swap. BUT, in order to do it properly and run all the wiring, you have to remove the trunk lid liner (easy, it comes off with a flathead screwdriver by gently popping them up, then out). Then reach inside and remove the 4 nuts that hold the rear chrome trim piece on (where the rear plate lights are located). You may want to take a look in there and see how the light sits in the hole. You may be able to use the camera and exisiting screws. The existing clear lens may just be a "snap in" type that is covering the holes.

The whole thing of disassembly, mounting camera, running wires, putting everything back together took about an hour with one flathead screwdriver, one phillips screwdriver, and one deepwall socket for the nuts holding the chrome trim in place. Pretty easy for a DIY job...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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