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Hello fellow Cruze owners,

I've got code P2270 (O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean Bank 1, Sensor 2).
Also, I'm using a cheap eBay scanner, anyone ever heard of Code "B2AAA"?

Could anyone tell me where this particular sensor is located? I've put off fixing this way longer than I want to admit. Thanks!

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What module did you pull these codes from? b codes are normally are stored in the body control module and will have the letter B followed by 4 digit numbers. example B2960

GM Body OBD codes

From the Cobalt SS forum:

Maybe the OBD2 sensor the OP has is not able to fully pick it up and just gives B2AAA ... B is a Body code, the only two modules that set B2xxx codes in the OPs car are the BCM and the Onstar module..... There is no listing for a B2AAA DTC, Is it possible the scanner you have cannot read BCM codes? I recommend that since the code is something you saw take it to the dealer and have them check the codes for any problems -- maybe the scanner you have has detected something but is incapable of showing "B" DTCs?

From other forums:

actually P0420 per one forum is an evap canister and cam sensor in this one:

In a
2008 GMC Yukon it appears to be a rheostat. It wears out. You should replace the TPS.

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