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Is there anything out there that offers quite a bit more functionality then the standard basic backyard mechanic apps? That can be found all day long on the google playstore.

I don't mind paying a few dollars for an actual useable app. But i'm running in to a brick wall.

I'd like to be able to monitor actual turbo pressure. NOT vacuum. See what my oil pressure and temp are maybe. Transmission temps. Exhaust temp that I know operates hotter then 1000 degrees. ETC.

I know there's scangauge one can buy from autozone for $160. But I want something better then a black and colored screen to read more then 4 gauges on one screen per page. There's something called Ultragauge for $80. Looks like it MIGHT be worth looking in to. But can only be bought directly through the company. And offers a gauge unit bigger then scangauge with more 3D type animated screen. Or Bluetooth adapter and free ultragauge app which will only work with their proprietary adapter.

I bought the quicklink Bluetooth adapter from autozone today. And downloaded the free app. But it's the same app as dashcommand with a few other options which really don't need unless I want to get in to diagnostics. Dashcommand is also free and works with the elm327 and baxf adapters I have. So it'll be going back for a refund.

Torque and dashcommand and all the other apps just don't work for me. They're too basic. And very limited in what they do.

Being a retired mechanic. I've used snapon scanners and what not. So I know what the ecm will throw out. It's a lot more then what the google playstore apps can do. I'm not looking for the full blown setup. Just something that will do what I actually want. More gauges.
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Yes Torque Pro displays temperature. There's three different PID's for trans temp, and one reads, maybe two. When both of them read you get the same value. Boost is there as well. not EGT..

This is for the GEN 1 1.4L.

You have to play with Torque and load the optional GM list of PID's. Then with the car running see which of these values the PCM reports.

I've never mathematically played with the formula's for PID's. That takes too much time in my opinion.

Off the top of my head I'm getting the following

S term fuel trim
L term fuel trim
Knock counts
vacuum or boost displayed on a gauge.
Misfire counter for each cylinder
coolant temp
trans temp.
Air intake temp 1 &2.. one is at the airbox, the other downstream of the intercooler.. I thought that was supported.
Throttle position.
Timing info degree's I think.. Not sure what one would do with that.
Fuel tank level percentage
Air fuel ratio/Commanded air fuel ratio I believe is also shown.
Idle speed yes, and I believe commanded idle is there as well.
Emission readiness tests.. Mode 6 I believe it's referred to in OBD speak
Oxygen sensor milivolts for the primary oxygen sensor is there.. I think it also supports the secondary sensor.
It also reads nearly all the P Codes..

Sure it doesn't do the body B codes, or the U network canbus codes, but those typically take a scanner well north of a few hundred dollars.

Torque is a pretty good app. Is it as good as a $1000 snapon tool, probably not.. But I don't see anything in the aftermarket for $100 that does things like wheel speed sensor data and brake and body controls.

I think there have been some forum members who have purchased Chinese clone scan tools from aliexpress. Your buying from China, and they want several hundred US for the tool. I was also wondering if these are as capable as a "real shop tool". Most sellers on aliexpress and other Chinese sites give no technical support or return policy.

If someone has a clone tool they like, please post it. The one member that I'm thinking of has a hobby of rebuilding crashed cruzes. Posts on this site have referenced some of the alliexpress tools. TPMS tools mainly, which may work. A lot less complicated to copy than a full scan tool.
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