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Occasional loss of all boost?

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I've noticed maybe 5 times in the year I've owned my car it will seemingly lose all turbo boost while I'm driving it. Usually happens on hotter days at highway speeds, but it's happened on cooler days as well. My boost gauge on the torque app shows 3psi at full throttle, making it very hard for the car to maintain freeway speeds let alone pass or merge. Stopping the car and turning it off then back on resolves the issue.

What at causes this? Should I be concerned? The car is a 2014 1.4 with a trifecta tune and intake resonator delete.
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I finally got my first CEL!!! It is the code of turbo death: P0299

The issue is still intermittent, I am still able to get full boost 99% of the time I am driving.

My plan is to pull the down pipe and inspect for the crack at the wastegate port. If it's cracked than most likely I'll get it warrantied. If it's not cracked, I'm going to crack a beer and then wrap my down pipe.
Sorry to Necro an old thread!

Hi, I had a lot of stuttering under boost before finally getting the p0299 code. I replaced the turbo with an Oem substitute but now am having the same issue you mentioned where the turbo is literally blowing air with no boost. Where you able to solve this problem?
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