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OEM or after market remote start

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My cruze did not come with remote start. I would like to get a oem remote start and new key fobs with that feature on it. Is this possible or is there an after market that will use the 5 button fob and work like the oem.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Feel it would be easier to install these kits in a 52 Chevy with Powerglide, least you have real wires to deal with. But still needed brains to leave it in park, can remove the ignition switch in any gear.

With the Cruze, over 170 wires from the BCM's to that fuse relay box under the hood. No component layout or component identification. Would have to do a lot of PCB board tracing to find the right points. Also when using multiple inputs, have to make these are isolated from each other, if you don't, will burn something out.

In automotive production, very first components installed are the wiring harnesses, that translates to these are buried deep with all that other stuff on top of it. Adding these devices would certainly void your warranty, if you still have some left.

Have some places in town that claim to do this professionally, you pay for it, but seen some very shotty workmanship, nothing short of a disaster. Ha, my wife wanted remote start, was given the choice of this or a manual transmission, she took the manual transmission.

My suggestion is if you want it, trade your Cruze in for one that already has it. Yet another variable with all these microchips, high impedance inputs is EMI, if not installed correctly, can be screwing up your ECU.
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Yes I seen that. Thanks for the info.
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