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OEM vs. aftermarket parts

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Hello everyone, I find that the problem buying aftermarket car parts is getting confusing simply because there’s often very little information out there as to what’s a too-expensive ripoff and what’s a too-cheap scam, but does it justify buying a pricey (OEM) part simply because it’s expensive?
Is there a thread on brands to avoid/buy for certain parts for our little TCDs? It makes me feel buying a certain "brand" like a crapshoot.
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Right. But I'd expand that to all electronic components, go OE only.

Stuff like aftermarket shocks and brakes may not be as great quality but they will still work even if the quality is lower. Junk electronics either won't work, will fail early, or could possible cause other issues. I think they are going to be more likely to fail than OE, though even OE parts can be DOA (all electronic parts can).

Thankfully the 14 CTD still has OEM, or at least ACDelco Pro parts available for everything. But they stopped making parts recently as the 2015 is 7 years old now.
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