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Oil Change - 100% Highway driving LONG drives- Smooth driver

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I have a 1.4L 2016 Cruze limited and i am wondering when i should change my oil.

I drive long trips (1.5 Hours) all highway to work EVERYDAY (One way) and back is another 1.5 hours all highway too. I am a smooth driver - never punch it.

I get the good oil and always change it myself. I put on about 8000kms in 3 months. Typically change it than, but is this too soon or late?
My car has about 75,000kms now. I have done the tranny fluid and air filter already.

Any suggestions? I want to run this car forever!
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Since 7.500 miles is a known good range for the Cruze's oil changes, combined with your relatively easy driving style on the engine, I personally would go about 10,000 KM between oil changes. In fact, even in city driving I frequently went around 10,000 KM between oil changes.

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When I was driving like OP I was still changing mine every 7k miles, so just over 11k km. Since my drives include more city now and not nearly as long of a drive time wise, meaning more cold starts, I have dropped it down to 6500 miles. Might even go 6k in the winter.
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